Thursday, January 27, 2011

I am very pleased to introduce....Jay

Who: Jay Mair

From: Walloon Queensland

Lives with: Alex (hubby) and son Sandy

Blogs: sorry, so over blogs after completing my masters in education.

Creates: mayhem especially when I am scrapping and making cards. If only I could make chocolate as good as the type I like to eat I would be in heaven.

Describe your creative style in FIVE words: freestyle, personal, loved by me.

Describe your creative SPACE in five words: tiny, overflowing, sometimes creatively messy.

Likes to listen to: Country music, rock and roll especially country rock.

Is looking forward to dream.create.inspire because? I can scrap to my heart’s content, no housework, TAFE work just good friends.

Dreams about: who dreams? I like action

FIVE things you cannot live without: my family, my motorcycle, my camera, my friends, and chocolate.

Is inspired by: photos, quotes, wide open spaces and music

This might surprise you to learn that I was once a motorcycle stunt rider, lighting and sound roadie and a frustrated guitar player.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Introducing Danielle

Who: Danielle Quarmby (retreat photographer)

From: The Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne

Lives with: Hubby Ben, kidlets Sienna (7), Ash (5) and Cedar (1), cats Neko and Boo, fish Shiny and Goldie - they’re actually Sienna’s and she named them. The silver one is called Goldie and the gold one is called Shiny.


Creates: Pictures. Art on canvas. Scrapbook pages and projects. Decorations, dress ups and make believe are my favourite things to sew.

Describe your creative style in FIVE words: random, messy, quirky, whimsical, instinctive

Describe your creative SPACE in five words: lounge room red velvet couch

Likes to listen to: She & Him, Ingrid Michaelson, Paul Dempsey, Amy Seeley, Rabbit

Is looking forward to dream.create.inspire because? I love to travel and I’ve never been to Byron Bay before. This retreat is the sort of inspiring idea I love. Indulgence. Creativity. Good things.

Dreams about: Travel and taking pictures.

FIVE things you cannot live without: Camera. Paper. Pen. Music (to sing along to). Bible.

Is inspired by: Magazines, photos, my children’s drawings and songs and stories, music and lyrics, gardens, road trips, clouds, make believe and far off places.

This might surprise you to learn…………… I’ve been to 11 foreign countries but have never been to Queensland

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Meet Jodi

Our first edition of what will be a 16 part, getting to know each other blog posts!

First up - me!!!!!

Who: Jodi Mann (retreat creator)

From: North East Country Victoria, Corryong to be exact!

Lives with: My soul-mate Scott and three crazy monkees – Lochie, Josh and Cait in a ex Snowy Hydro house.

Blogs: Sporadically over here - and here too - golly I really should update BOTH those blogs!

Creates: Not often enough for my liking, but when I do I – scrap, sew, knit, make Waldorf dolls, faffs about with hats and hat making and occasionally play with the odd mixed media canvas.
I’m also a bit of a whizz in the kitchen!

Describe your creative style in FIVE words: eclectic, vintage, messy, impatient, evolving!

Describe your creative SPACE in five words: on my dinning room table! Seriously, our new house has no room for a dedicated creative space……………it’s on the list!

Likes to listen to:  SILENCE and maybe some U2, Missy Higgins, Dido, Jewel………… I don’t change my CD’s over very often!

Is looking forward to dream.create.inspire because? Well it’s my baby, but also because I had a little dream about creating a warm, beautiful, fun and inspirational CREATIVE weekend away with women I admire and love.  I thought about this for such a long time before I had the courage to speak about it and send out invitations.
It is sooo close now and I am breathless with anticipation, I am also incredibly nervous!

Dreams about: A fully sustainable vegetable garden and orchard, chooks in my backyard, a day to myself every now and then, writing THAT novel, weekly facials (oh yes please!), a cooking school in Tuscany!

FIVE things you cannot live without: my i-phone, camera, laptop, chocolate and coffee (sad, sad I know)

Is inspired by: Creative and gorgeous women of all ages, Oprah Winfrey, sunrises, my children, the mountains and rainy days…..

This might surprise you to learn…………… I also help to organise Car Rallies, odd, yes I know – here’s a link .

Now that wasn't so bad was it - you're next, yes you!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

why HELLO there............

Jeepers girls, sorry that was a L-O-N-G absence wasn't it???

My profound and heartfelt apologies..........2010 was a BIG year, really big - our little family has gone through some MASSIVE changes!
However, we are happier, healthier, stronger and most importantly we are still going ahead with this fabulous event!
According to the countdown application on my i-phone we have:
52 days
23 hours
53 minutes
until the retreat....

SO, let's get cracking eh?
Back soon with more information